Use of Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are short pieces of text information about website users’ visits and preferences that servers send to a browser. They are stored in users’ computers, tablets or mobile phones. Some of them are deleted just after closing the browser, others are recorded in the file « cookies.txt » installed on your electronic device.

Cookies are secure, they only store information that has previously been entered into the browser by a user (for example, email address). They do not keep personal data and cannot be used to access your electronic device, nor damage it. Only the site that encrypts the data in a cookie can read it.

Why do we use cookies?

  • To make our website work smoothly;
  • To remember your settings during and between visits (for example, data related to your computer, type and version of your browser, operational system of your mobile or tablet, technical identification data, content that you are looking for…);
  • To improve the speed and security of the site;

We do not use cookies to:

  • Collect any personal or sensitive information without your permission;
  • Pass or sell personally identifiable data to advertising networks or third parties;
  • Pay sales commissions;
  • Contact you via post, email or phone…

What cookies are used on our website?

Strictly Necessary and Functionality cookies that allow:

  • to load and distribute content on our website quicker;
  • to provide essential security measures;
  • to accept cookies in a pop-up window only once (on first visit).
  • These cookies are systematically generated by the website.
  • Functionality cookies remembering your search settings and pages viewed (for example, these cookies allow the user to return to the previous page when clicking the "back" button).  There is no way to prevent these cookies being set other than to not use our site.

Cookies’ names :

  • cookie_consent
  • OptanonAlertBoxClosed
  • OptanonConsent

Delete cookies

If you wish to block cookies, simply set your browser so that it will refuse some or all of them. However, it may be appropriate to keep the cookies for faster navigation. Deleting cookies will not hurt your browsing experience on our web site.

  • To delete cookies in your browser options, follow steps described in the « Help » menu of your respective browser. The steps are different for each browser.

Last update : 26 May 2020